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WMTS Layer to my map

Question asked by yamuna83 on Dec 3, 2014

I have JS api application built and deployed. Which is using a tiledmapservice and  multiple dynamic map service.

I would like to add WMTS layer to the Map.




The code I used:

var layerInfo = new WMTSLayerInfo({

                        identifier: "brtachtergrondkaart",

                        tileMatrixSet: "EPSG:28992",

                        format: "png"


                    var options = {

                        serviceMode: "KVP",

                        layerInfo: layerInfo


                    aLayer = new WMTSLayer("", options);



I captured onError on that layer. When i add layer the event gets fired with the message:

Unable to get property 'nodeValue' of undefined or null reference