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City Engine 2012 - saved selection sets

Question asked by pltsltesri on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by Jack.Curran

In the documentation it indicates that saved selection sets can contain graphs, shapes and models. When I do a selection of models the "Save Selection Set As.." option under the "Select" pull down menu is grayed out,i.e.  I can't use it. If I select the shapes and the models I can use the "Save Selection Set As.." command but when I apply the selection set later all that is selected are the shapes,no models are selected. Is this a problem with 2012? Does the 2014 version allow models to be stored in selection sets?

On a related topic, is the documentation that I access from the "Help" pull down menu in City Engine 2012 openeing the 2012 documentation or the 2014 documentation?

I posted this to the ESRI support, that seems rather limiting to me. I really wanted to post this to what used to be the ESRI City Engine forum, how do I do that now, is there a group name I can use?