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Count number of directions at node

Question asked by scottaidh on Dec 2, 2014



Does anyone know a quick way of counting the number of directions available at a node?


I have separate feature classes for junctions (node), roads (lines) and buffers (polygons) and also created a network dataset in Network Analyst.


I really want to know how many directions are available at any given node - see attachment that illustrates a junction with 3 roads emanating from the centre (and a 2 metre buffer around the node).  As you will see there are 3 choices of direction from that node but I want to do this for thousands of nodes.


At first I did a straight forward Intersect of lines within the buffer but found that this overestimated the number of directions available especially where buffers overlapped.


After this I created a model that iterated through each buffer and used the Frequency tool to count the number of directions but this takes a long time to run.


Any suggestions would be appreciated and I will follow up with comments for other users.