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Joining Several Tables to a single Shapefile

Question asked by hpnk85 on Nov 27, 2014
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Ive got monthly temporal data for over 30 years in tableview format: 360 files (I exporte netcdf to tableview). They all belong to a single grid of points (shapefile) and both the grid and the tables have a join-field by which they can connect together. 


What I want to do is to join each monthly table to the shapefile, export it to a single shapefile, and run the process once again for the rest of the months.




joining 01Jan1980 table to the grid and get: 01Jan1980.shp

joining 01Feb1980 table to the grid and get: 01Feb1980.shp

joining 01Marz1980 table to the grid and get: 01Mar1980.shp

and so on..


How do I run this process automatically??