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ArcGIS Collector Download Offline Map takes forever

Question asked by admahrou on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by admahrou

Platform: iOS

Self Hosted (non-agol) service

My downloads are taking forever, or timing out. Granted I'm attempting to download a 400KM linear project-- but just the vector data. All of my rater data is already on my device. If I pick a smaller area, everything downloads, but that's slow as well. I notice that the percentage automatically jumps to around 20% then it just sits there.



I'm pretty device savvy, so if there is a way to sideload this data, like the tpk workflow option, that would be AWESOME.


I've kicked this off and let it sit, I'll check back in after thanksgiving I guess ;-) I just don't trust wifi, or iis, or arcgis server to keep the connection alive. It would be nice to download and provision a replica to collector via a gp tool in ArcMap. Especially on for large projects.