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ArcMap addin Path

Question asked by QnPi on Nov 26, 2014
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I was wondering how to get the path of the add-in which I currently use. There are a lot of users (about 100), and they use different versions of our program from network. If believe it works as follows:

When the ArcMap starts, it loads for itself the dll-s from the proper path, which we gave in the Add-In window.  When we wanted to see the proper path of the add-in, we used Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location in c#, and it gave back the assambly-cache  folder used by ArcGIS 10.0.


We want to know the given path of the toolbar which I developed.

We use multiple add-ins, therefore the AddInFoldersList.xml is not satisfactory, which is stored in user/.../AppData/Roaming/ESRI//Desktop10.0