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DynamicMapServiceLayer added through code not recognized by button.

Question asked by tomas1 on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by tomas1

Please bear with the low level this question is probably at. I am new to the Runtime and wpf xaml.  I
believe my question is more wpf/xaml based one. I hope my description that follows is clear enough.


I have developed a prototype app attempting to emulate the mvvm pattern.  Between looking at the
toolkit samples and the regular runtime samples, I have implemented a 'toggle visible layer' method in my MapViewModel.cs that is successfully bound to a button on my MainWindow.xaml.  This button is handling a feature layer that I add to the application through app.xaml.  This is working well. I am able to toggle the layer's visibility through the button.


I want to add another button to handle another layer and leverage the same toggle visible method. I have added the button in MainWindow.xaml and set up the same binding parameters, except of course using the correct layer name. However, the additional layer that I wish to ‘toggle’ is added through code in the MapViewModel as a DynamicMapService Layer from a map package.


The layer I am interested in is successfully added to the map  However, the button that I have added to toggle the visibility for this layer is never enabled. I incorrectly assumed that this button would come to life when the layer is added to the map.  No such luck.


Is it possible to associate a control with command method using a layer that is added through code as the parameter?

What would be the correct approach to handling this situation?


Any insight would be appreciated.