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Can you change the order items appear in a pop-up chart in ArcGIS online?

Question asked by jakeslyder on Nov 24, 2014

I'm working on a webmap to display the results of fish surveys around my area.  I have a feature class with survey locations and a table with the results of those surveys, linked by a one-to-many relationship class.  I added this feature service to an AGOL map and configured a column chart to display what was caught at each point.  Unfortunately, the species appear across the x-axis based on their ObjectID, as opposed to some order that makes sense for the viewer, such as alphabetical order or decreasing abundance.  For example the first column is whatever species happens to have the lowest objectID, followed by the next highest objectID, etc..


I'm wondering:

1.  Can you sort how these these items show up in the table based on some other field in the related table, such as total number caught?

2.  If that doesn't exist, does anybody know a way that you can essentially write-over the original object IDs in a specific order based on another field?


I've tried using truncate table then appending a sorted table, but that still preserves the Object ID in the input table.  If nothing else, I might go back to the original excel datasheet, sort the collections table by abundance or in alphabetical order, and then recreate the table (so that the objectIDs follow the order I'd prefer) and relationship class.