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Object-Based Image Analysis

Question asked by Miha_K on Nov 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by hlzhang525

Colleague said to me that ESRI's stuff had a presentation about 2 years ago in Italy where they introduced a new tool (Image Analyst?) for Object-Based Image Analysis. I made some research and cannot such kind of tool. I would like to know when will ESRI introduce such tool in ArcGIS for Desktop, because we would like to extract for example roads, buildings, rivers, vegetation from orthophotography and we do not want to buy any new software.


I also googled and found that people recommend Trimble eCognition, ENVI FX (which can be integrated with ArcGIS), Feature Analyst (extension for ArcGIS).

I also found that Idrisi can do it. I tried it and result is pretty good.


Thanks for your answers!


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