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Combined Dendritic and Non-Dendritic Modelling

Question asked by Playa on Nov 24, 2014

I'm currently busy modelling Lake Chilwa (Malawi) which is a Non-Dendritic Basin. I've generated a hydrological DEM by lowering the level within the lake to ensure the that the lake is recognised as a natural sink.  I've also had to recodition the DEM to ensure the drainage paths were correct at certain locations. I've then used fill with sinks ; flow direction with sinks ; Flow Accumulation ; Stream Definition ; Stream Segmentation (Using the Sink Link GRID) ; Combine Stream Link and Sink Link GRID ; Catchment GRID Delineation ; Catchment Polygon Processing ; Drainage Line Processing (Using the Combined Link GRID instead of the Stream Link GRID) ; Adjoint Catchment Processing.


The first that I have is that the DRAINID field is not being added to the DrainageLine Featue Class which is required for Adjoint Catchment Processing. Even if I add the field manually and populate it with the HYDROID from the Catchment Polygon the results from Batch Subwatershed or Watershed are incomplete.


I've attached a printscreen of my model as well as the output of my Batch Watershed Delineation results. Any advice to remedy the following errors will be appreciated