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Error getting results after esri.tasks.Geoprocessor call completion

Question asked by peterlen on Nov 21, 2014



When our Esri map page loads, we make some geoprocessor calls back to the server to gather some information.  One of the examples looks like:



prodDescGP = new esri.tasks.Geoprocessor([my url]);

prodDescGP.submitJob("", prodCompleted, prodStatus, prodError);


function prodCompleted(jobId) {

   prodDescGP.getResultData(jobId, "Descriptions", function (result, data) { ..........})



What is happening is that the prodCompleted is being called but when we call the getResultData function to get the results, we get the error:


Error: Unable to get value of param 'Descriptions' forJob ID 'j356tghy657890kki887'. The job may not exist or it could still be executing or could have failed.


What we found was that it must have still be executing because if we continue to check for the results, say every second, it seems to eventually return the results.  Sometimes it might take 1 or 2 extra seconds, sometimes 5 or 10 seconds.


Does anyone know why this might be happening??  We are moving to a new server (still a Windows Server 2008) and this happens with the new server but not the old one.  We are using the ArcGIS Javascript library v2.2.  I know that is an older version but we but we are stuck with that for the time being.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks - Peter