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Visible & hidden option!

Question asked by ilyass on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by ilyass

Dear all,


I am adding point using their coordinate (x,y) and i want to hide the different point and make them visible after button click. I think that something is wrong with my code.


Below is the JavaScript Code:




  var x1 = 'facilitiesGraphicsLayer.add(new Graphic(new Point(6052367,2817478,map.spatialReference)))';

  var x2 = 'facilitiesGraphicsLayer.add(new Graphic(new Point(6053464,2817499,map.spatialReference)))';

  var x3 = 'facilitiesGraphicsLayer.add(new Graphic(new Point(6054562,2817520,map.spatialReference)))';


var xx1 = document.getElementById(x1); = 'hidden';

var xx2 = document.getElementById(x2); = 'hidden';

var xx3 = document.getElementById(x3); = 'hidden';


Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks to all of you.