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Teradata server connectivity is too slow

Question asked by geopolaris on Nov 19, 2014
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Sorry for such a long rant, i believe the community can help....


We are facing the difficulty to connect to Teradata server database with the ArcGIS server. The software (ArcGIS desktop and the ArcGIS server) that we are using is 10.2.2.


-- The main issues are that we tried to connect with ODBC database connection with ArcGIS desktop (with 32 bit ODBC), it connects, doesn't recognize the geometry (in the column). For instance in the Teradata shape column which is based on the ST_GEOMETRY (of Teradata type) is not recognized in ArcGIS. Haven’t tried the other textual geometry types than the default, i.e. POINT (32, 71), will try that later.

-- If we make XY layer in ArcGIS desktop (from the Teradata) and try to register with the ArcGIS server, the server doesn't accept the connection and gives error of “an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application”. It seems that it is an issue of driver type (32 & 64 bit). The issue is that how to make an SDE connection or connection on the server for Teradata type.

-- Any idea that if the data access from the Teradata can be made faster in ArcGIS desktop. Let say I make the geometry in the FGDB or Oracle, ArcGIS posts it very fast and no issues. Now if I connect the Teradata server and try to join the attributes, it goes to work very very slow in the desktop.


-- The desktop connection that is based on the ODBC based Teradata connection.

     o The metadata table has the coordinate reference with geometry column also registered for the particular table.

     o The empty table is recognized as the point shape layer and is added with no issues in the ArcMap

     o As I put any valid point in the WKT format, it doesn't get recognized any more (the WKT POINT(72, 32)  )

     o If I save the MXD and re-open, it gets red exclamation mark that database is not recognized/repair is needed.

     o The speed is really slow, goes from 3 minutes to connect to database to even worse and also same kind of time is needed to get the setting dialog for the layer access in ArcMap

-- The server doesn't recognize the connection information don’t know why? On the ODBC connection

-- I make OLEDB connection with the Teradata, to test the things for faster access

     o In desktop it works faster than the ODBC connection

     o It doesn't recognize shape

     o Doesn't get register on the server, if I try to publish, with a generic error

     o It is also slow, fast comparative to ODBC, takes about 50-60 seconds to connect and almost same time to get the data into ArcMap as table

-- The last thing is, with either use of the OLEDB or the ODBC, it doesn't get to a reasonable speed connection and data access.

     o Any clue to make it faster?

     o How a direct connection can be made without ODBC interface, if that can be fast enough like Oracle for instance?

     o Or it can’t be done