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How to select  a line with specific numeric field value using an inline  variable for UpdateCursor in ArcGIS 10.0

Question asked by essjayemm on Nov 20, 2014

I'm currently away in a remote field station using Arc 10.0 and having a hard time using an inline variable substitution for a numeric field value. I am trying to use UpdateCursor to select only a specific line by designating a "POSITION" field = to a numeric value that I can increment each time I go through the for loop.   When I use a number in the line, it works. However, I can't seem to get the right syntax to substitute the hard-coded number for a variable.


here's the section of code:


## Attempt to update the cursor, then get value, then setvalue using an inline variable for the desired Field value

## THIS does not work


stefile = "ste1.shp"       

stefield = "POSITION"

steclus = "CLUSTER"

steac = "AC"

stevalue = 100

stepos = 22


Z = arcpy.UpdateCursor(stefile, '"POSITION" = stepos')        # This needs to be changed eg; '"POSITION" = a memvar') ...and at end of loop memvar +=1

for row in Z:

    print row.getValue(steclus)                       

    memvar = row.getValue(steclus)                   

    row.setValue(steac, stevalue)                   


    print row.getValue(steac)

    del Z

    del row



### HERE are the error messages

# Runtime error <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: ERROR 999999:

# Error executing function.

# A column was specified that does not exist.


Am I simply using the wrong syntax? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Guidance and advice welcome. Thanks.