Geoprocessing Test with ArcGIS Pro – Prerelease 1.0

Discussion created by jrflannery on Nov 19, 2014
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For fun, to see if there would be a difference between 32-bit ArcGIS for Desktop and 64-bit ArcGIS Pro, I ran a simple geoprocessing task with both.


I have a modelbuilder model that:

  - Creates a new mosaic dataset in a file geodatabase

  - Adds rasters to the mosaic dataset

  - Defines and builds overviews

  - Defines mosaic dataset NoData


On the same computer, I ran this model in ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and then I ran it in ArcGIS Pro.

Processing Time Results:

ArcGIS for Desktop = 7 minutes 15 seconds

ArcGIS Pro = 11 minutes 23 seconds


I’m surprised that the 64-bit ArcGIS Pro application took 57% longer to run the model and process the data.