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How to measure crop land use in a certain area?

Question asked by jppark03 on Nov 18, 2014

Hi, guys! I am working on analyzing a crop land use map and want to look at a certain area out of the Nebraska crop land use map. (I attach the map file.) To explain it simply, let me give you an example. I am looking at the map, 2005_lc_nebr, and open the attribute table. Then, it shows me the number of count for irrigated corn, which is 23629578. What I am interested in the map is whether I can cut off the map by county level and look at the number of count for crops by county level or by the certain area where I am interested in looking at. [Basically I want to break down 23629578 into small numbers by the area]. It does NOT have to be by country level, but could be any size of area from the map.(Such as, 100m x 100m or 10 mile x 10 mile, etc.) Do you know a way I can focus on a certain area and measure or count the number of crops? If you do not understand my question, feel free to ask me again. Your help would be great for us to make our research in progress. Thanks,