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Manual subtype editing

Question asked by ShiminCai on Nov 18, 2014

Hi All,


The OfflineFeatureEditingSample automatically handles subtype editing via AGSPopupsContainreViewController. I'm not using AGSPopupsContainerViewController because I need more editing controls over the fields. I'd like to implement the subtype editing behaviours of AGSPopupsContainerViewController that are when the value of the subtype field changes the values of the associated description fields automatically change to their default domain values. How do I do this not using AGSPopupsContainerViewController?


I think first of all I need to know which field is the subtype field and which fields are the description fields? I've gone through the SDK documentation and couldn't figure out how to determine these. The typeIdField and types are always populated as long as a layer is symbolised based on a domain field or a  subtype field and it does not matter if a layer has a subtype field or not. Can anyone please shed any light?