Adding/Removing globe features is slow

Discussion created by psteinthal on Aug 30, 2010
Here is the context this c# globe application users will add and remove features by clicking on a toggle in a tree (so potentially one at a time).This is basically translated as adding or removing one feature in a feature class and thus the need to refresh that cached layer.The "RefreshLayer" code takes too long (2-5 seconds) and ideally should be sub-second.Any is the code.

internal static void RefreshMapLayer(AxGlobeControl axMapControl, object layerobj)
            ILayer layer = layerobj as ILayer;
            IGlobeControl globeControl = axMapControl.Object as IGlobeControl;
            ESRI.ArcGIS.GlobeCore.IGlobeDisplay globeDisplay = globeControl.GlobeDisplay;
            IGlobeDisplayLayers globeDisplayLayers = globeDisplay as IGlobeDisplayLayers;

Philippe Steinthal