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What is the rationale for ArcGIS Pro creating a Project on start-up?

Question asked by stevel on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by hlzhang525

In almost every other application I can think of, the process is to start the application, and start working on the project/document/whatever. Once you hit Save or Save As, the project/document/whatever is created and saved to disk.


ArcGIS Pro requires you to create the project up-front, before you've done anything else. As a consequence, when I start a new ArcGIS Pro session I'm confronted with MyProject12, MyProject11, MyProject10, etc. Most of these are probably empty.


arcgis pro.PNG


I can't think of any advantages to forcing us to create and name a project before we've actually done anything. Am I missing something?