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Practical limit on ArcGIS Server folders?

Question asked by mcguirmm on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2014 by mcguirmm

Is there a practical limit on the number of folders and services in ArcGIS Server? I know that there are supposed to be n services running depending on how much memory you have available. This is not that issue.


I have a large number of services set to use 0 instances (large number of infrequently used services) on one ArcGIS Server installation. To manage the large number of services, there are a large number of folders. Anyway, services are really slow to publish and fire up, even though CPU and memory are barely above zero. I'm guessing that one process - using java - is used to sorting through the list of folders and services when I fire it up, and that this process doesn't scale well. Does any one have any specific knowledge about what the affects of a large number of folders and services are outside the issue of consuming memory? And/or if there is something I can do to manage that more efficiently?