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Map not fitting itself inside the div

Question asked by brenth on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by brenth

I have a div block defined as:


<div id="overviewMap" style="width:290px; height:205px; overflow:hidden;">

The Map is defined as:



new Map("overviewMap", { extent: initExtent, logo: false, slider: false, smartNavigation: false, fitExtent: true });





But when I run the map, only a quarter of the map shows in the div with scrollbars to get to the rest.  How can I force the map to draw only inside the div?  It seems to be a problem with anything not IE. 


The only layer in the map is a DynamicMapService layer.

Also I can set the scale, but it just draws the map smaller and still pushes it down and to the right.