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S57 maps with ArcGIS RT for Qt

Question asked by romgcom on Nov 14, 2014
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Can anybody know how can I load an S57 ( Hydrographical military map ) map with the ArcGIS Run Time SDK for QT, or if it is possible to do that with the version 10.2.3 of this SDK?

I found the S57 map type in "Data" folder under the installation path of the  ArcGIS Run Time SDK for QT ( 10.2.3) but not exyst anny sample with this kind of map.

I know that it is already possible to do with the ArcGIS RT SDK for WPF, starting with the 10.1.1 version but is not possible to do with the  ArcGIS RT SDK for Java 10.1.1


Thank you for any suggestion!