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Missing intermediate certificate authority - Android

Question asked by lqdeffx on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by lqdeffx

I've come across a dilemma that I think should be considered for a future release.  My company maintains their own ESRI service and I have been hired to develop applications that utilize their maps.  Enough back story, I switched my MapServer url to my company's and encountered a CertPathValidatorException.  Researched it and found the problem to be a missing chain in our web server's certificate.  Now Android's documentation offers a workaround which requires building a custom Trust Manager before establishing a connection.  ESRI's documentation only offers advice if the certificate is self-signed.  Has there been any talk about expanding UserCredentials or another method to integrate a custom Trust Manager?


Fortunately, the person maintaining the ESRI server was well receptive to my needs and is working on updating the certificate in the coming week.