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Reference Grid Labels

Question asked by sspendley on Nov 14, 2014



I'm creating a reference grid of roads. I used feature to point, and the bounds of the data frame to calculate the location and, then used simple math in excel to determine the coordinates of that point (based off of a locked scale/location and the known grid size).


I'm trying to add labels to the roads, but the labels are often quite far away from the points I created. This is for the fire department, so having the label for the roads at the coordinates listed in the key is important for quick use.


Is there a way to make the labels be at the center of the road? The "Best" option under labels is fine for many of the smaller roads, but can put the label far from the point listed on longer ones. I would also prefer to not have it at the start or the end, but can do so if that is the only option.


Alternately, is there any way to orient the labels of the points so they go in the same direction as the roads they lie on?


Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.