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Problems with Sketchup Multipatch models and Floating on a custom surface

Question asked by eerstewart22 on Nov 14, 2014

Hello all


I am in the process of creating buildings in Sketchup so I have been testing them in ArcScene by converting them via Collada into Multipatch files to import into ArcScene. Now that they are in ArcScene, and they are exactly as they should be, I am trying to float the models on a custom surface (raster files). However, the normal method of going into the Properties/Base Heights/Floating on Custom Surface does not seem to work and it rejects the idea of floating on a custom surface. All that happens is the dimensions of the model itself changes and not the topography on which the model sits. Has anyone had problems with this before? Or has any idea of how to float these Sketchup models onto a custom surface?


Many thanks