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Help finding similar sounding street names

Question asked by Belton on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by bharold-esristaff

Hi all,


A quick summary of myself/what i'm trying to accomplish: 

I work for the City of Belton, TX. I've been doing city work for about a year and a half total, so I am still learning a lot in this position. 

Among many things that I do for the City, I have the privilege of assigning 9-1-1 addresses and approving new street names in subdivision plats that come to my table.  (I've been doing 9-1-1 addressing for about four years now, thanks to my previous position before working at the city)


After a bombardment of new plats coming to my office these last few months,  I've decided to try and find a way to help speed the process of finding existing duplicate/similar sounding street names - as it takes so long to do this manually.


I've tried a bunch of searches on this topic and have found a few solutions - I just don't have the experience to implement them.


What I found were different ways of doing 'fuzzy' searches:  soundex, metaphone, double metaphone, and a few others.  I even found a website that pretty much does exactly what I need. which uses an SQL soundex search. 

I sent an email to the webmaster to see how they did that, and was given this answer. 

"For the search you mention, it is a simple SQL “soundex” search.  The query is below:







My issues:

1. I hear that soundex searches will work, but there are better ways to do this, such as the double metaphone way.

2. It would be great to implement this on our website,  but I don't have that type of access;  I need to be able to do this locally.

3. I am not familiar with creating a MYSQL database.

4. I need to easily update the streets list.


I need to have a form where I can enter a potential street name to make sure it doesn't exist already or have a similar name in the database. (Beach vs Beech)

How would I go about implementing this?  Is there a way to do this through Python? Do I need my streets list to be in a MYSQL database? Right now, they are in my FileGDB, and an excel file.


Thanks for any help,