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How to use the Accordian Container?

Question asked by cwholmes on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by cwholmes

I am trying to move an application from just using frames to using an accodian container.


Heres what I currently have and it seems to work ok:


Here's what I'm looking to change it to, using 2 parts in the accordian container (one for legend, one for the template picker). I've moved all of my code over from the old application that works to the new one, but it would seem it is not that simple to get it working (heck, the point data isn't even displaying in the map). If someone could show me or point me to some code that will help me figure out how I need to code my application to get it working in this new template I'd be very appreciative.


Here's a snapshot of what I'm looking at in the new application for look:


I've attached 2 zip files, AddRecord_V6 is the old application, is what I have so far for the new version.