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Trouble with iOS geoprocessing tool

Question asked by cmartin616 on Nov 12, 2014
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I have a server GP tool that runs well from the web REST interface as well as through JavaScript on another page.  However, I cannot get the iOS version to work.  The GP tool takes about 6 seconds to run, so I believe I need it to be asynchronous.  Here is my code:


// Build geoprocessor

    AGSGeoprocessor* geoprocessor = [AGSGeoprocessor geoprocessorWithURL:gpURL];

    geoprocessor.delegate = self;


    // Geoprocessor build parameters

    AGSGPParameterValue *pointX = [AGSGPParameterValue parameterWithName:@"Point_X" type:AGSGPParameterTypeDouble value:[NSNumber numberWithDouble:self.wgsPoint.x]];

    AGSGPParameterValue *pointY = [AGSGPParameterValue parameterWithName:@"Point_Y" type:AGSGPParameterTypeDouble value:[NSNumber numberWithDouble:self.wgsPoint.y]];

    AGSGPParameterValue *tile = [AGSGPParameterValue parameterWithName:@"File_Name" type:AGSGPParameterTypeString value:fullTileName];


    // GP Parameters to array

    NSArray *params = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:pointX, pointY,tile, nil];


    //Run GP tool with asych delay

    geoprocessor.interval = 10;

    [geoprocessor submitJobWithParameters:params];



//this is the delegate method that gets called when job completes successfully

- (void)geoprocessor:(AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor operation:(NSOperation *)op didSubmitJob:(AGSGPJobInfo *)jobInfo {


    NSLog(@"Geoprocessing Job Submitted!");



//this is the delegate method that gets called when gp job completes successfully.

- (void)geoprocessor:(AGSGeoprocessor *) geoprocessor operation:(NSOperation *) op jobDidSucceed:(AGSGPJobInfo *) jobInfo {


    NSLog(@"Geoprocessing Job Succeeded!");



- (void)geoprocessor:(AGSGeoprocessor *) geoprocessor operation:(NSOperation *) op jobDidFail:(AGSGPJobInfo *) jobInfo {


    NSLog(@"Geoprocessing Job Failed!");



The query usually returns something like this:



"results": [


  "paramName": "Solar_Value",

  "dataType": "GPString",

  "value": "21865.1328496\n39619.3044974\n84117.1905997\n126159.758433\n167013.891821\n175695.394165\n174199.414434\n143438.383851\n97395.6361771\n51997.4207866\n25002.0289475\n16517.4218279\n"



  "paramName": "Solar_Hours",

  "dataType": "GPString",

  "value": "271.56088993\n278.722662602\n356.971440711\n391.0648334\n448.550531915\n458.714285714\n457.440909091\n422.655603938\n370.273648649\n313.029113248\n271.510752688\n258.134615385\n"



"messages": []



However, I can't get any of the delegates to fire.  What am I doing incorrectly?  Is there a better way to implement this?


Thank you so much for any help you can provide.  I've been running into a wall with this for a week now.