Is an event fired when the map stops drawing?

Discussion created by stevel on Aug 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by stevel
I'd like to add a "waiting" animation to my JS map, as in the sample at

In this sample, "the map's onLoad, onZoomStart,      and onPanStart events cause the loading icon to appear. The layers' onUpdate     events cause the icon to go away."

This requires listening for the onUpdate event on every layer that you add to the map, and anticipating every event which could cause the map to redraw (pan/zoom, previous/next extent, time slider change, etc).

Is there a way to listen at the map level, rather than the layer level? ie, is there an event fired when the map has finished doing everything? What is the last event fired by the map when it redraws for whatever reason?