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Question asked by ereiswich on Nov 12, 2014

Hi folks,


as I am very confused about the new forum layout I'll post my question again:


I'm using Runtime .NET SDK 10.2.4. I'm able to create HydrographicS57Layer with the default color scheme. But I can't figure out how to apply HydrographicS52DisplayProperties. Neither the HydrographicS57Layer nor the Map or MapView have appropriate Properties to set. Any help would be highly appreciated.




        private HydrographicS57Layer CreateENCLayer(string pathToENC)


            HydrographicS57Layer hydroLayer = new HydrographicS57Layer()


                Path = pathToENC



            HydrographicS52DisplayProperties displayProperties = HydrographicS52DisplayProperties.Default;

            displayProperties.ColorScheme = S52ColorScheme.DayWhiteBack;


            return hydroLayer;