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Create / Edit Polygons Issue in offline .geodatabase

Question asked by cstamatopoulos on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by akajanus-esristaff

Hi all,


Recently moved to 10.2.4 and now I am unable to add and edit polygons.

It was fine with 10.2.3 but now I get all kind of weird stuff happening, e.g. when adding a polygon the first point is added fine but the next is not and then the GUI kinda does not respond.

When editing if I click on one of the nodes it either crashes (vshost32.exe) or does not respond. Clicking on the circular nodes makes them disappear and then the GUI does not respond.


Anyone has similar issues ?


Note that I only get this behavior only with offline geodatabases. It works fine in other cases