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Symbology: Layer Properties

Question asked by LColson22 on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by LColson22

When creating a classified legend in the Symbology tab, there are two columns, Range and Label. I swear range used to tell me in more detail the true range of the data values. This way, if I want labels without decimal places (or fewer decimal places than the original data), the range column still maintained a greater number of decimal places and never showed over lapping values from one class to the next. It helped me know for sure if, for example, 25 was in the 3rd class or 4th class. In other words:

24.0001 - 25.0

25.0001 - 26.0


24.0000 - 24.99999

25.0000 - 25.99999


Without decimals these would both say 24 - 25 and 25 - 26. Now, if I manually enter class break values, the decimals disappear in the range column. Why?