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SymbolDictionary.GetSymbolImage returning unknown

Question asked by bigbear8888 on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by bigbear8888

No matter what symbolID I pass in, I only get an unknown image returned.  When I use the military layer, the symbol is rendered correctly.


SymbolDictionary mil2525Symbols = new SymbolDictionary(SymbolDictionaryType.Mil2525c);

WriteableBitmap imageSource = mil2525Symbols.GetSymbolImage("SHGPEVATM-MQ---", size, size) as WriteableBitmap;


List<MapPoint> points = new List<MapPoint>();

points.Add(new MapPoint(500000, 500000));

MilitaryMessage message = new MilitaryMessage("1", MilitaryMessageType.PositionReport, MilitaryMessageAction.Update, points);

message.SicCode = "SHGPEVATM-MQ---";