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Data configurations for collector

Question asked by roialga on Nov 10, 2014
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I am using the collector App in I-pad, the layer is a hosted feature, I am using a subtype field and a number of domains, I have a number of questions about the configurations of the data.

  1. My domain description is long, and the pop up screen in the collector doesn't show the all description?
  2. Can I export to a table. or can I see in the offline mode an attribute table which is editable?
  3. When I define a field so it is not allowed to have null value, the form will automatically add zero as a default value, I want it to be blank and while it is blank, it will not allow to submit the new object?
  4. I am using a subtype which define the type of the object, but I want that the symbology will show another field, I have tried a number of config option and haven’t manage to make it work?
  5. My language is Hebrew and while the list of object which define the object type can be arrange alphabetically in the desktop, in the edit tab inside of the web map the sort order will not work clearly it is reflecting to the App?
  6. Can the label definition of the web map can be used in the offline mode while collecting a new object?


Thank you all.