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ArcGIS Server Nad83 Bing overlay

Question asked by traviss1 on Nov 7, 2014
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Hey guys,


I have a bunch of data in NAD83 I'd like to project on our web mapping service. I have followed the documentation here ArcGIS Online moving to Google / Bing tiling scheme: What does this mean for you? | ArcGIS Blog My data frame is set to WGS84 Web Mercator, I have the caching settings in ArcServer telling it to use bing/google tiling. The problem I am having is even after clearing rest cache and publishing to the webserver this is the result  The purple is the actual data, when I click on an entry in the attribute table at the bottom, it highlights in yellow. The purple is not being projected properly, but the yellow highlight seems to be bang on. Any idea how to get the purple to act more like the yellow highlight or what could be causing this? You can see from the ortho where the pipes should be.