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Water Sampling Point Connundrum

Question asked by bokeefe on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by fimpe001

Ok. We are working on a Fish sample project for our Stormwater group.


The basics of the project are that they have X number of Sample Sites. Each site is sampled X times per year. They gather fish from these sites, count, label, identify, etc. Then they run reports on those sample sites against that collected fish data.


This is "part" of Phase 1 of a larger project that will have more OBVIOUSLY spatially related data. In THIS instance, we don't "technically" need to have a dot on a map for each report because those dots on the map are identified by the Sample Site ID. However, we want to build this "part" of Phase 1 for Collector... as a web map. So we have some questions about Collector and AGOL.


Since we only need to register each sample event with a sample site, is there some way to allow them to open collector, hit the plus button, and enter their fish data with the sample site being a drop down, and ignore the spatial aspect... in other words, ignore the X,Y coords for each sample event because they will ALWAYS happen at one of the pre-arranged, permanently stationed Water Sample Sites. I ask because Collector TECHNICALLY includes the spatial component with each entry. It automatically logs each new entry with a new X,Y point. I want to ignore that. BUT I want each report to line up perfectly with the exact same coords for the Sample Site locations.