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Getting "A task was canceled" exceptions when generating tile package

Question asked by Neptunegeo on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by KCI_Geosolutions

I'm trying to generate and download tile package files using the ArcGIS Online service and each time I try I get "A task was canceled" exceptions. Sometimes the exception occurs during the tile cache estimation phase and sometimes it occurs during the actual download phase.  On two occasions, the tile cache download actually hung and had to be aborted.  I waited almost an hour while trying to download a TPK file that contained between 100 and 200 tiles.  I have not been able to successfully generate a tile package file since this began.


I also tried with the ArcGIS Online tile package export feature in the sample application at Github and it does the same thing.  Is there an issue with the servers or has something changed since 10.2.4 was released or are there additional requirements to use the API?  This was working fine until yesterday.