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Licensing and extensions' functionality

Question asked by ufeliciano on Nov 6, 2014

Things got pretty confusing for me regarding license distribution and software functionality.  I couldn't find anything in other places, so here it goes.  A few of my questions/concerns are...


  • named license thru AGOL for AG Pro are additional to my stand-alone license manager concurrent licenses, right?  So if for example I have 20 concurrent licenses I have additional x number of AG Pro licenses to use as long as we are in mantainance. 
  • AG Pro Workflow Manager and the stand-alone WMX application will work as one?  I mean, it will continue to be the same repository (traditional approach in my case) but accesible thru both WMX app and AG Pro? 
  • What about AG for Server extension?  Is it neccesary to work with AG Pro?  Will it cost credits? 


Thanks for your feedback in advance...