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Python arcpy.Analyze_management hangs

Question asked by jakgis on Nov 5, 2014

I have a simple python script that creates a feature class as the end product. After the geo-processing is finished and the feature class is created the arcpy.Analyze_management tool is called.  The python script doesn't fail but sometimes it hangs on Analyze_management.  When it usually takes about 30 seconds to finish analyzing sometimes it can take up to 12 hours judging by the time stamps in the log file I create!!


The script behaves like this maybe 3 out of 10 times it runs.  The feature class is around 91,000 features and 32 fields/columns.  So it seems it's random.

I'm baffled.  Anyone else experience?


ArcSDE  10.1/Oracle 64-bit

Python 2.7 / Win 2008 R2 SP2 64-bit