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How to maintain symbology, definition query, and label expression when changing join source

Question asked by ZJPierce on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by ZJPierce

Hello all,


Huge question, that is somewhat time sensitive.  We have created 3 mxd's in a DEV environment with a lot of symbology classes, definition queries, and label expressions all based off the Joined data fields.  Now that we have moved to TEST, our source for the joins need to be connected to an oracle TNS name of TST instead of DEV.


The issue is when I remove the current join, I lose all of those definitions. If I try to add the new join first, and then remove the old one, it removes both. Why can't I ONLY remove the old join and keep the new one? This would keep all the definitions in place and switch the source.


Is there a way to just UPDATE the join data source instead of deleting it.


I would hate to have to save individual layer files for symbology,  individual expressions for labels for each feature, and then save the definition queries as well, then manually re apply everything.


I hope I am missing something simple here... someone PLEASE help!