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Spatial Indexes

Question asked by jenndick12 on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by tpcolson

I'm applying spatial indexes to a few layers that reside in a geodatabase. We are testing the concept of spatial indexing for the purposes of performance improvement.


A few of the layers we would like to put indexing on have for example, (on a point line) over 730,000 points. I've calculated the default spatial grid index using geoprocessing tools and have then used 'Add Spatial Index' tool to apply the grids calculated prior.


Now I'm trying to review the grid sizes and confirm that they were apply correctly using the layer properties. Unfortunately, they aren't listed under the index tab in the properties. Reading about this, it seems like the grid values should be listed here, and I should also have the ability to create, delete, recalculate. Though my only 2 options are 'Create' and 'Delete' and one of those are grayed out.


I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance in this area. I would like to confirm that the values Arc calculated are in fact there.


I've attached a screen shot of the later properties for your reference.


Please help,


Thank You