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Viewing attribute information from related table in popup window

Question asked by sdking on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by ashish_choure231989



I am trying to view attribute information from related tables in the popup window of a JavaScript viewer using:


identifies: {
    nameReports: {
        0: {
            title: 'Multimedia links',
            fieldInfos: [{
                 fieldName: 'OBJECTID',
                 visible: true
             }, {
                 fieldName: 'GIS ID',
                 label: 'GIS ID',
                 visible: true
             }, {
                 fieldName: 'relationships/0/GIS_ID',
                 label: 'GIS_ID',
                 visible: true


The output in the popup window shows the attribute information for 'OBJECTID' and 'GIS ID' from the feature's own table, but will not display the value for 'GIS_ID' from the related table.


Using Chrome's Developer Tools I can see the following error:


an error occurred when starting a widget embedded within InfoWindow: Cannot read property 'relationships' of undefined


Can anyone help me with this?


Many thanks.