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Import dxf - unable to see in project tree, unable to import?

Question asked by shawnallen on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by shawnallen

3D SME, new to CE 2014.


Am trying to import a simple dxf file into CE and have tried the wizard (File >> Import >> Import Src >> DXF Import >>)

Browse to file (r12 dxf). Options on = Run Graph Cleanup and Create Street/Intersection Shapes.

Finish > does nothing, apparently.


When I click Next, the Cleanup Graph dialog shows, but the only options available here are Back and Cancel.

Changing the merge distances does not activate next or finish.


So no, I have not worked through the learning tutorial, because the videos do not seem to match the CE version I have, and as you can tell, I am having problems with a simple import.


Also have tried file drag-n-drop from windows to CE, but that doesn't work at all - the only option is to cancel.


I can't tell if the dxf should be able to be imported into the streetnetwork layer, or some other layer (data??).  Pointers to getting this working will be appreciated!