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Missing Styles and Color Ramp, Please Help

Question asked by Ben_Sandiford on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by andrewsmithesriuk-esridist

Hello the other day in Arc Map all my style files and Color Ramps have disappeared and they cannot be re enabled under style manager. I have tried a number of ways to restore them but none have worked.


1. Re-registered dao360.dll

2. Repaired ArcMap using the installer

3. Deleted and/or renamed ArcGIS profile at C:users\(profile)\appdata\roaming\

4.  Reset the registry:


Open ArcMapAdvancedUtility (from C:\Program


Click "Reset all values to default"

Then click "Reread current settings" and close the utility.


None of them have had the slightest effect, the style files are at the correct location on my hard drive if that's helpful.