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ArcGIS Online Group Question: Content Visibility

Question asked by bkeinath on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by bkeinath

We're trying to track down some interesting behavior in our ArcGIS online organization.  The first is related to content shared with the featured apps group.  I recently added a new user, Mike Casey, to our organization without adding him into any groups.  Our featured apps group is visible on the home page of the organization and I told him that content wouldn't work for him until I added him into some groups.  But clicking the content loaded everything up just fine.  Is this the expected behavior of the featured apps group?  My concern would be apps accidentally being shared with the feature apps group and it overriding group based security.


Similarly I'm wondering about the expected behavior of "sharing with the organization".  I have some anecdotal evidence from another of our organizational account users that doing that cause the content to not be visible to anyone except the user who shares it.