Use of ArcGIS Online for learning & assessment

Discussion created by ermintrude75 on Nov 4, 2014

As of September, UK Higher Education users now benefit from organisational AGOL accounts as part of their site licence. At my university, I'm looking at ways we can integrate AGOL into learning and assessment, to increase engagement and give students relevant skills and experience to take onwards from their degree. I hope that it will also make GIS more accessible to colleagues and students without in-depth experience - i.e. that it will be used as a tool rather than a subject in itself. Is anyone else (UK or elsewhere) able to share relevant experience or offer a case study?


For example, I have one non-GIS colleague looking to develop a class exercise using AGOL to investigate weather data. I'm working with others to try and offer AGOL story maps as an assessment option alongside more traditional map layouts and posters. I am happy to share more information on these as they develop, e.g. via blog posts here in GeoNet.


Anyone else? Practical tips and concerns, admin issues, and wider philosophical musings all welcome!