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Election Result 10.1 Info boxes in bottom panel not showing

Question asked by Tville_GIS on Nov 3, 2014
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I've been working on configuring the Election Result app for tomorrow's elections.  I have all my features set up in our geo-database for all the races.  The app has been published to our web server and it is consuming the map service correctly.  The issue is that only three of the info boxers are showing up on the bottom panel.  I only have US Senate, 8th Congresional District and the Voter Turnout box showing at the bottom.  When I click on other races for state offices the info box shows up in the map but not in the bottom panel.  If you watch real close you can see where the info boxes show for a split second in the bottom panel but then disappear leaving only the three mentioned ones. 


Any ideas on what I need to look for?


Link to beta app Thomasville/Thomas County Election Results