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AGSPopupFieldInfo´s dateFormat

Question asked by jungelpost on Nov 2, 2014

Hi, I´m having an issue when editing a feature using the AGSPopupsContainerViewController.


For a particular field, the datatype is esriFieldTypeDate, and when eiting this field, I´d like to only show the year in the date-picker. I´m setting it up something like this:


AGSPopupInfo *popupInfo = [AGSPopupInfo popupInfoForGDBFeatureTable:myGdbFeatureTable];


for (AGSPopupFieldInfo *fieldInfo in popupInfo.fieldInfos) {

     if ([info.fieldName isEqualToString:nameOfDateField]) {

          info.dateFormat = AGSPopupFieldInfoDateFormatYear;




AGSPopup *popup = [[AGSPopup alloc] initWithGDBFeature:myGdbFeature popupInfo:popupInfo];

[popupVC setPopups:@[popup]];


But, for any format I´m setting, the format is the default month-day-year.


Ideas, anyone?