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Portal/Server OR AGOL/Server

Question asked by dbecker88 on Oct 31, 2014

Currently running ArcGIS Server Standard Workgroup 10.1 with ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Organizational account as the portal.



-Do not like built-in ArcGIS Server users/groups vs. AGOL named users/groups

-The separate workflow of manually adding ArcGIS Server services to AGOL, then sharing them again with AGOL named users/groups

-I will miss the unlimited number of ArcGIS Server users/groups


I understand the solution to this is to federate the ArcGIS Server to your portal.


I understand the 3 levels of integration between ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS.

Explained here: Levels of Integration


Do these same integration levels exist between ArcGIS Server and AGOL ?


My gut feeling is to wait until 10.3 Portal for ArcGIS is released (complimentary at 10.3 with 5 named users given our ArcGIS Server Standard Workgroup license), then switch our portal method away from AGOL to Portal for ArcGIS.


However, I'm concerned about hardware capacity. Max of 3 simultaneous users, pretty lightly used.


Everything on same dual-core box - any experience with this type of setup?

Portal for ArcGIS

Designated hosting server for Portal

SQL Server Express

Managed enterprise geodatabase

ArcGIS Server

2x web adapters


Any comments/feedback?