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Points 2D to 3D

Question asked by osomness on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by jcscott



I need code to convert a point shapefile with a designated attribute containing Z (height) values to a 3D Shapefile.


I found exact sample I need here (searching 'points 2D to 3D'): ArcObjects 10 Cross-platform C++ SDK Help


Problem is that this sample is C++ and I need it in C#. Down in the sample topic it says there's a link to "Download the file for other languages". However, if I download those "other" files, I still get C++ files only.


I tried to use C++ sample, but I can't compile it, because it included Arcsdk.h which I don't have (I guess).


I am new in Programming, maybe there is possible to easily rewrite C++ code into C# or I will face a lot of problems related to '#Include' commands?


I need this code badly, must find a solution for it.


I hope someone can help